We in Cre8 would like to thank everyone who used their time to vote & support us in the TV program 'Mitt DanseCrew'  We appreciate all the positive feedback our group has received for the work we put into it. THANK YOU! 

Last Friday was our time to leave. It's been a colorful and challenging adventure & we are proud of ourselves for the results of the work we put into it, not to mention proud of our celebrity-member Eskil Pedersen who went all in, especially in the last program. Believe it or not, he started as a complete rookie, someone who even had problems hearing the rhythm in the music, to actually doing two hiphop shows LIVE on TV..  That's a major progression there.

We are now all back in business, training hard, teaching classes and working on individual projects! 

Here below are some pictures of the last shows we did for MDC! 

Once again, THANK YOU for your votes & support. We would like to wish all the remaining contestants good luck !