Thank you MGP <3

It´s been a thrill to be apart of MGP 2015 this year! Every single person on and behind the stage and the production, WHAT A TEAM! 

We personally want to thank Vibeke Sørlie, who was responsible for all the stage performances. She has believed in us and supported us all the way, not to mention was one of the first Hip Hop dancer in Norway and behind Da-Yo/Cre8. She has done so much for the dance-community last years in Norway. This woman is AMAZING!

And congratulations to the artist´s that was on stage, competing this year, you were all fantastic! A specially one to Alexandra Joner, you kicked ass and we are really proud of you!

If you didn´t get the chance to see the performances Danced/Choreographed by Cre8, don´t worry, here is a link! :)

Alexandra Joner: Choreographed by Mia.

Raylee: Choreographed by Jens and Marikken-

Karin Park, Erlend Bratland and Jenny Langlo : Choreographed by Sandra