A quicky but a Goodie :)

SPRING 2016:

Time To Riot

Amalie did an interview with Time to riot. A great page for connecting talent and opportunity!

Here you can read about Amalie´s journey to become a dancer, from childhood to present.


Photo by Sissel Nystad

Photo by Sissel Nystad


Rikskonsertene - Den kulturelle skolesekken

Maria has been on tour with her band AWESOMNIA, where she also did an inspiring Interview for Rikskonsertene.

While Chriz and Amalie has been on tour with UNG 2016 - Den Kulturelle Skolesekken in Sogn og Fjordane SOFT and Tangente Company from Germany.  teaching youth to dance and exploring movement and performing on stage.


Amazing dance movie by Elin Osjord and Jens from last year. This film was represented at this years MutilpieFestival in Trondheim as one of the Main attractions! We are so proud of you Jens!

See more about it on theire intervju on NRK

Me playing with movements, Elin playing with the camera, Us playing with the space. A big playground! Dancer/choreographer : Jens Trinidad Cinematographer: Elin Osjord Sculpture/installation: Bård Breivik, Exhibition at Vigeland Museum Music: Chasing (atjazz remix) - C.9INE *COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT NOT INTENDED* Thanks to Bård Breivik, Vigeland Museet and Odd Geir Sæther for additional Photo.


Sandra did some Hot choreographing for artists and dancers on this years MGP also, and Cre8 was on stage doing what they do best - Rocking the dance floor!

The winner of MGP 2016

Great As I Am at The Norwegian Opera & Ballet.

Amalie, Daniel and Maria was in this theater performance by Nordic Black Theater this spring.

A story about the great boxer Muhammad Ali, where Amalie also was choreography assistant. 

It was Daniel´s debut as an actor, and he did a great job! We are looking forward to see more of this side of this young man :)


Ta Ta! Amalie made her own website during the long christmas vacation, and also published her showreel for the first time to the public. Hope you guys like it! WEBSITE

Credit to: Magnus Wiig, Cre-8, Alexandra Joner, Ylvis, Virus AS, The Voice and Gullruten Fagpris. Edited by: Amalie Eggen Music: Desire - Years & Years


Ronald was the cutest diva - cat in the Musical by Ullensaker Kulturhus this spring. This was definitely one of his dream roles and his was really sparkling on stage :) Mjaaaau

FALL 2015:

Talents of Cre8

Several members of Cre8 has more than one talent - obviously we know how to use our body!

And throughout our blog you have seen several talents each members do possess, here is a good exsample:

Sandra just launched her own Website

Were she can offer her assistance with styling of your home!

Maria was participating as an artist on Norway´s STJERNEKAMP!

One of her AWESOME performances on stage at Stjernekamp!

And Cre8 was behind her ALL THE WAY <3

Watch Jens, Marikken, Daniel and Mia, go Latino with Maria on this foxy performance!

Daniel and Dag Rune did an amazing performance with
Oslo Dans Ensamble

And It´s still possible to see this performance on tour with RIKSTEATERET!


The best wishes to the newly weds Sandra & Aleksander! Welcome to the family Alex´ yes, you get one - you get the hole crew!

Mia was participating in a crazy TV production on NRK called DIKTATURET

Diktaturet NRK

SUMMER 2015:

We were invited to do Swathe on Urban Moves Streetdance Festival at Dansenshus, friday 19th and saturday 20th.

Swathe - “Tendency in nature to form wholes that are greater than the sum of the parts” www.cre-8.no Cre8 dance crew was established in 2005, the 18 members are versatile dancers with a strong base in hip-hop/urban dance. After many years with collaborations they have also individually explored different areas within performing arts, stage work, choreography, TV productions, dance/musical-theatre production etc. within Norway and internationally. The crew wishes to create a different expression through movement by exploring the fusion of hip-hop/ urban dances and other dance genre. Cre8 believes in “ create your path” and the members are encouraged to explore, search and develop their own originality. The piece “ Swathe” is inspired by a holistic concept, which believes that the wholes are greater than the simple sum of their parts. We act and react in relation to each other, consciously or unconsciously our choices are always affected by our relations and connection to wholeness. Swathe is choreographed by Jens Trinidad and Christine Nypan, the dancers from cre8 are co-creators. - also a collaboration with the students at OSLO NATIONAL ACADEMY OF THE ARTS, 2014. Dancers in the video: Daniel Sarr, Quyen Ngyuen, Dag Rune Sjøli, Jens Trinidad, Chriz Nypan, Marikken Heitkøtter, Aida Frusan, Michelle Barbero, Mia Valentina Zapata. Dansens Hus - Urban Moves Festiva, june 2015 Lights: Cecilie Graven Engseth Film: Fahil Anweri Financial support by FFUK (Fond for utøvende kunstnere - Fund for performing artist)

VG-Lista Topp 20

Mia did an awsome job choreographing for Sandra Lyng, on this years performance at Rådhusplassen!

Nordens største gratiskonsert med de beste artistene med de mest populære låtene fra inn- og utland, direkte fra Rådhusplassen i Oslo.

Norsk Kulturråd

We received another fund from Norsk Kulturråd! One step closer to dreams and goals for our future project! Thank you so sooooo much!