As you all know, we are currently working with our 'new' crew member Eskil Pedersen for the upcoming TV show 'Mitt Danse Crew'    

Besides hours of practise with our man Eskil, these last weeks has been all about promo & preparation with the tv program. We had a succesful day of vignette & bumper shooting with all the other crews !  With a lot of time to kill between the takes, we used the time to train Eskil & had a lot of fun as usual.! Here are some backstage shots. 


From january 2015, Cre8 is going to participate in a brand new dance program on TV2 called MITT DANSECREW, a concept made by Stian Blipp. 

8 different Crews are competing against each other to win the battle. The twist in this show is that all crew´s have been introduced a new member to their crew - a celebrity! And the challenge is to make them melt in - looking just like one of  the gang!

Stay tuned fore more info and news! We are very excited about this!

<3 Cre8


last ned.jpeg


Tooji - who represented Eurovision songcontest in 2012 in Baku with his song STAY, just did a new musicvideo with his brand new song COCKTAIL: Where he put a spot light on the ongoing debate about the gender roles and the differences in bahavior.  Amalie as one of the actresses in this video.

Director: Frederic Esnault

Skavlan in Stockholm!

This week, we were at Swedish Television in Stockholm, to perform The Trucker´s Hitch with Ylvis at Skavlan. Fredrik Skavlan is a cool guy and we had a good time at SVT. Just seeing the guys in the traditional uniform was worth the trip! I love that we do whatever task with passion and just go for it. That´s how we roll! :) Big Thanks to Thea Bay for being a amazing choreographer and letting us be a part of her journey! 

MELA 2014

The Mela festival is on this friday 15-17aug, and you can see Maria - Lotus and her band AWESOMNIA performing on main stage, friday 19:30pm! 

You will also see a visual video performance projected on Rådhusbygget, where Amalie is one of the dancers, at the end of every festival day! 

REMIX NORGE - By David Chocron. 22:30pm friday-sunday.

Don´t Miss out!